Unity-Based CrazyTalk Interactive Web Solutions To Be Discontinued

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By Peter (RL) - 6 Years Ago

Dear CrazyTalk Users,

As some of you might already know, Google will soon completely stop supporting the Unity player inside the Google Chrome browser. This means that after September 2015, all users will no longer be able to launch the Unity player from inside the Chrome browser, thus affecting the usage of some CrazyTalk plug-ins and web services. This is based on the schedule for The Final Count Down for NPAPI.

In response to this unstoppable environment change, Reallusion regrets to announce the removal of Unity-based CrazyTalk interactive web solutions from the Reallusion Store, which include:
• CrazyTalk Web Player and Avatar API
• CrazyTalk Web Application Templates
• CrazyTalk Text to Animated Message Service [TAMS]

Please take note that the CrazyTalk Interactive plug-in, will not be affected by this upcoming Unity web player change, and it will still play the crucial role of exporting Unity formatted avatars and script files for developers to use and design Unity-based games and interactive apps. This will work for both exporting execution files for PC and Mac, as well as for mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms.

To amend the gap, Reallusion has started to look toward WebGL as it is the candidate for future web player architecture. However, the compatibility for WebGL is not yet consistent between popular browser vendors and mobile platforms, as so far it is still in "Preview Status" inside the Unity forums. Reallusion will announce its future CrazyTalk web player policy right after the release of the new CrazyTalk 8 (before end of 2015), as we do hope that the new browser atmosphere will be clearer at that time.

We sincerely apologize to all users who have purchased the CrazyTalk Interactive Plug-In for Web Applications, as this will undoubtedly cause them a great inconvenience. For more information on our refund policy, we kindly ask that you please contact our Reallusion Customer Support directly.

If you would like to know more about Google's upcoming decision, then feel free to read up on the links below.

Thank you for your trust and consideration. We really appreciate your understanding on this issue that is out of our hands.
The Reallusion Team


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