TTS quality: How does CT7 TTS compare to Reallusion's online TTS service?
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By Figment - 9 Years Ago
I have CTA2 and I find the TTS is not the greatest quality for my current production.  I am making explainer videos for a work project.
I have tried the Reallusion online TTS and really like the sound it provides, as well as the various languages.  I will require English and French for this project.
My question:  Does CT7 have TTS features like the online service?  I understand they're better than CTA2, but how do they compare to the online TTS?
By Peter (RL) - 9 Years Ago
Neither CrazyTalk Animator 2 or CrazyTalk 7 come with any text to speech voices. Both products simply use any TTS voices that are already installed on your computer. If you are looking a variety of high quality voices then the "TTS On Demand" service will be the way to go as you only pay when you use the service and don't need to install anything.