Imported Video Plays Audio Even When Invisible
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By marc.french - 5 Years Ago
Hi Artie, Did you manage to resolve this issue, i am am in the same situation Sad
By artie.duncanson - 5 Years Ago
I have inserted two .wmv videos as props into my project that are supposed to play at different times. I keep them invisible until beyond frame 200, but for some reason the audio plays throughout the project I've created. Anyone know what I can do to make it so that both the audio and the visual do not begin playing until the desired frame?
I'm not sure if it matters, but these videos were recorded as .mp4. Anytime I try drag and dropping the .mp4 files into my project I get an error regarding my "codecs" so I converted the videos to .wmv. At least with this, I am able to get the video into my Crazytalk Animator 2 project.
Thanks ahead of time!