My First Sale of an Animation
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By Tarampa Studios - 6 Years Ago
Thanks gang! 
By Tarampa Studios - 6 Years Ago
iClone to the rescue again!... 

Situation: Edit, edit, snip, slash, hack... hiccup... 

At the last minute, one of the staff had to retire unexpectedly and be replaced in the toon promo as well as at the school in real life - but that took barely an hour for all 6 scenes, thanks to iC5's brilliant face builder, and that oh-so-handy double-click feature to replace an entire avatar with another, and still manage to keep all of the skeletal and facial animations intact. 

The beard had me worried for a while, but I used a combination of soft-cloths to build one in a few minutes, and by attaching it to the jaw, instead of the head, it also gave me a lifelike movement to match the lip-syncs.

Fog seemed to make part of the beard seem transparent briefly in the swamp scene, but it still suits the way the teacher actually wears it, so I didn't worry too much about thickening it up with a few extra tweaks. 

But one of the coolest tricks I learned for this skit is at 0:37 seconds, where a simple flag (with a png diffuse map of blue fish) helped me create the illusion of a small shoal swimming past in unison with the ocean current, when it's really just a cloth in a fake breeze. hahaha

The nasal sharpness to the new voice is still giving me a few hassles but I'm pretty sure I've glimpsed a tutorial for SonyVegas 12 somewhere that could help me tone it down a bit.. just have to find it. LOL
By prabhatM - 6 Years Ago
Congatulation !
Looking forward to see your video.
By jgrant - 6 Years Ago
Congratulations on your sale.  Nicely done.  It's great to see your talents being appreciated.
By Tarampa Studios - 6 Years Ago
Okay, so here's the nearly finished draft: 

Something bizarre happened to clipping when I uploaded to youtube; because some of the text is now missing from the credits at the end... 

And I won't use youtube "stabilisation" again, because the splashes aren't in time with the action any more... 

Also still need to tweak the drummer motions, swimming motions and voice echoes... 

Am especially pleased with the underwater music - never done that before, LOL... 

Never done any of this before actually, but having stacks of fun learning!! 

By Tarampa Studios - 6 Years Ago
mark (6/19/2015)
Awesome! Frame that check!!!!TongueTongue

Oh, mannn,  but then I can't spend it!... I'd be like the cat at the fridge in that new trailer for the secret life of pets.. haha
By mark - 6 Years Ago
Awesome! Frame that check!!!!TongueTongue
By Tarampa Studios - 6 Years Ago
Very happy to share a stillshot from the very first animation I've ever sold, made entirely in iC5. 

It's a promo vid for an Environmental Education School for Kids - so that's a 3D model of the beach they really own on their little island, plus a model of their catamaran, called the Educat... big enough inside for a class of 40 students... very impressive!.. And they also own a swamp, a forest and bungalos on the mainland with edible gardens, so students and teachers can camp in eco-comfort for a week or so until they head home to their own schools... so I've built models of those scenes too using iC props and background photos from the scenes... 

and the staff recorded their voices for me, while I used their images to build avatar likenesses of them using that brilliant facial tool that I love so much! 

Still waiting on permission from them to share the whole vid publicly outside of Australia. But it shouldn't be long now!.. Fingers crossed!


By Peter Blood - 6 Years Ago
Bleetz: Smile

Iclone hair allows particles to bleed through as well. To 'fix' it I go down to 'material settings', click the 'Alpha Threshold', and adjust the slider to the best setting.. Don't know if that will work on your beard as it's not Reallusion hair, but it's worth a try.

Cool pete 
By justaviking - 6 Years Ago
Congratulations!!!  Smile