fitting skeleton to photo in RTA Pro? HELP
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By danrussbailey - 6 Years Ago
How the hell do I do it??  All of the tutorial videos are old as hell, and the "actor fitting editor" that looks so easy doesn't appear to exist in the version I have.  I've imported a photo and used the Mask Editor to isolate the character (a humanoid drawing) but there doesn't seem to be a way to fix the skeleton points onto the body of the character -- the only thing that registers is the head.  Here's the (now useless) video I found, but it's not much help as it appears to be outdated:
By lesdodds - 6 Years Ago
Very easy for G1  0 & 315 degree. Watch belowSmileSmile
By cbyas - 6 Years Ago
That video is for CTA version 1.  It is not in CTA2