How soon/long til the next version of 3DXchange?
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By Tarampa Studios - 5 Years Ago
Hi guys,
Is there any plan to launch a new version of 3DXchange soon?

It would be so much easier to use if we could:

* import blender and zbrush files without having to convert everything to objs or fbx's first...

* control-select or smart-select all the bits of a model that use the same material and modify them all at once before converting to iclone.

*be able to resize up to 100,000 times, not just 9,999.

*have some kind of polygon decimator inside 3D Xchnage, so we could adjust the poly count - not only to help reduce file sizes, but also to help make assets more cartoonish in order to better-suit all the toonmaker characters.

*be able to add extra bones *anywhere* on a skeleton


I'd love to be able to save a 3DX project DURING the process of conversion, which sometimes takes many hours on large models, so if we lose power or it crashes, we have to start again from scratch, instead of a handy save-point.

So please, oh please... can we have a new update this year...?

beg, beg, grovel, grovel....

BigGrin BigGrin BigGrin