Media Export problems
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By Peter (RL) - 11 Years Ago
Hi again,

Thanks for letting us know your system specifications. This does help. Smile

Now to be honest the graphics cards of your computers are a little on the weak side and this may be causing the problems. As I mentioned previously Crazytalk 5 did not require the graphical power of CT6, which could account for why one output video works and the other doesn't.

Out of date Intel graphics drivers might well be the cause but if you are certain they are up to date then this will unlikely be the issue. One thing you could try is running Windows Update (from the Start menu) and make sure you have all the latest updates. Also check the Optional Updates as you may find a graphics driver listed there. If it is there you could try installing it.

One other thing worth a try is to uninstall the software and then reinstall again. This will eliminate the possibility of a faulty install. A word of caution though. Always uninstall Crazytalk 6 first as you may use up all your allowed five install attempts if you don't.

You can also submit your problem to Technical Support who may be able to offer further assistance with this. Please use the link below if you contact them and try to supply all the information they request.

I really hope you get this resolved soon.

By djps55 - 11 Years Ago
i have ati radeon hd 4850-adapter ram 512 mb(driver version and have noticed a difference when using crazytalk 5 and crazytalk 6,they both work well,but crazytalk 6 takes longer to alienware computer is only four months old,but i already have had to update my drivers,check for updates for all your drivers and see if that helps.

good luckSmile

By ESRO2 - 11 Years Ago
Although this topic is over 4 months old I believe I can answer this , as it appears to be one of the problems I was having.
When I exported my project the character heads would be "off to the right" of where they should be. After racking my brain for days I finally found out my mistake.
When I began my product I would add a model and then click on "Preview Mode" or "Basic Facial Mode" or "Detailed Facial Mode". If the "blue box" was around the models head, I would just leave it there. This would result in my character's head being "off to the right" when I exported.
However, when I moved the "blue box" to the four corners of the entire picture, and then exported worked great!!

I hope this helps...(as you can clearly see, I'm a rookie also and don't know the "technical terms" for certain areas of the program. Cool
By wendyelf - 11 Years Ago
I go through the whole process of exporting as an avi, but the result is just a distorted mess. The sound is okay, and eyes mouth etc moving, but part of the characters have moved around the page, and are superimposed on top of other parts.... it is very wierd. Tried all different methods of exporting, but no avi plays properly when it has been exported. I want to take the crazy talk segments I have made and use them in a movie I am making in serif movie plus. Spent all day working on it, and its driving me nuts! In crazytalk (am using 6), the film runs perfectly, only have problems trying to export it.

If I haven't torn my hair out by tomorrow I might even resort to filming my computer screen with my web cam to capture that elusive crazy talk segment!!!

By wendyelf - 11 Years Ago
Be gentle with me! Erhm.... sorry... I don't know what a codec is... Sad... (I have done well to post on the forum, never mind anything else!).

I used crazytalk 5 no problems on the same computer I am using now, and had no problems at exporting. I allways export as uncompressed avi files, yes, large file size but good quality.

Have tried exporting as wmv, same problem, doesn't work.

Have also just copied the .ctp file I made today to my laptop (again, have used imy laptop using crazytalk 5, and had no problems exporting) and export it from there (into an avi), thinking it might be my computer.... but again....doesn't work!

Any other ideas? Given that I have little understanding of computer tech stuff, is there any chance it might help if I download the programme again and reinstall???
By Peter (RL) - 11 Years Ago

To deal with the codec question first. A codec is used to reduce the size of your raw video down to a more manageable size. When exporting video from any software, a codec is normally used because otherwise the file size of the video would be massive and not practical for most uses.

When you output AVI video from Crazytalk 6 you will be presented with the codec options screen (see below). This is the point you choose the codec to use. This exact same process was also used in Crazytalk 5 so I assume you have just been accepting the default option here and continuing.

As Crazytalk 5 did not give you any problems, it looks unlikely to be a codec problem. More likely is it is down to a graphics card issue. CT6 requires more graphical power than CT5 did and so that would account for why you had no problems previously.

One important thing to do to help this situation is to get the latest graphics drivers for your system. You will have either an Nvidia, ATI or Intel graphics card and you should get the latest drivers from their website.

If you would like to supply your system specifications including graphics card I'll try to help you further and point you in the right direction.

By Peter (RL) - 11 Years Ago

Which codec are you using to export your AVI video? If you are planning on using your video editor to complete the process then you could try exporting in uncompressed video. This will be a large file size but best quality.

If you do not have a good quality codec like DivX or XVid then have you tried Windows Media Video (WMV) as your export option. If the same problem exists in this format then clearly the problem is down to something else.

Try other codecs and WMV format and let us know your results. Smile

By wendyelf - 11 Years Ago
Morning... Mr Helpful!

To continue - personally, I don't think its my graphic card. I have a whiz kid computer son (who is gonna look at this issue with me tonight when he gets back from work) - and he tells me I have all the latest drivers installed (he built my computer for me, so he knows). He suggested it might be the codec - I have tried various ones I have, to no avail. Have uploaded a pic of the output of the avi - as you can see, when it is exported, it does not integrate the masked out non-movement areas with the moving areas.

What info do you need about my system? Not sure what info you need or how to access it, but whizzkid offspring does, and will get him on the case when he gets home. Also he has mega amazing computer system (online gaming top of the range hardware). Am wondering if I could install crazytalk6 on his computer, and try to export it as avi (seeing as my problems only arise with exporting), then he can give me the file as an avi so I can incorporate it into my movie editing project. A pain though, even if that worked, would rather be able to do the whole thing on my computer!

Check out the photo and let me know what you think the issue might be.... big thank yous!
By wendyelf - 11 Years Ago
Computer specs -

dell inspiron 640m
Dual core processor
512mb ram
win xp sp2
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 950 128 MB ......this is my laptop it didn't work on

advent 1212 (possibly)
amd athlon xp 2400+ 2ghz single core processor
768mb RAM
win xp sp2
Radeon 9250 ............ this is my computer it didn't work on

Latest news. Computer whizz son arrived home and deflated all my hopes of using his system, as he runs on Linux.... Sad

but he did fiddle about on my computer, installed newest drivers, and found out the computer specs for me. He is stumped as to why is not working.... he also fiddled around with different codecs etc etc, but to no avail. Looking at the system requirements as to what is needed to run ct6, I should be able to run it.

We find it strange that I can run ct6 no probs, and make wonderful creations, but the problem only arises when I try to export.

Am totally fed up. I got the programme from a direct download... would it make a difference if it was loaded via a disc? Pleeeeeaaaasssseee help me!!!

Crazytalk 5 still works and exports ok. Have tried to load a .ctp 5 file into ct6, it will play, but exports imperfectly (the mouth don't move on the character).

hellllpppp meeeeeee!!!!! w00t
By djps55 - 11 Years Ago
also make sure to always hit new project,when ever using crazytalk 6,i had the same problem as you only i had exported to wmv. if i did not hit new project before starting project,i had same results as you.
By wendyelf - 11 Years Ago
Hiya... thanks for your input! Tried both things suggested - watching on quicktime= no, same problem. I opened a new project, did a quick 2 character scene, then tried to export... won't export as avi, or wmv. I get the same distortion, where the exported film does not integrate the characters into the whole film. They are separated out from the background image and appear offset. Have tried not using the masking tool, and just had the two characters talking, but where they were chosen within the whole image by their 'character boxes' (don't know what you call them, the coloured boxes that are used to decide where to put the faces), when I exported, again, they were not integrated, and offset.

Again - all plays perfectly well within within crazytalk itself! So much so, its driving me mad, cos the new programme is just so great to use (love the camera editor), and having two or more characters to manipulate is awesome.

I could go back to using crazytalk5 I suppose... but that would be like having a car and giving it up to travel by roller skates!

Again, thanks for your input. My other options include a) waiting for son-with-big-speedy-computer to get home so I can trying loading up and exporting via his machine b) shooting the film running on crazytalk on my screen, using a web cam (how ridiculous, but show what lengths I will go to!) c) bang my head against the wall and chew off my fingernails with frustration!
By wendyelf - 11 Years Ago
awwww - interesting!!! Thank you for being so patient, and explaining in terms I can now clearly understand. I will find out what graphics card I have, and update the drivers..... however it is now 2.30 am here (am in London!)... so will leave this problem until tomorrow.

Thanks again for your help - will continue this tomorrow!
By wendyelf - 11 Years Ago
this is the pic am trying to include

grrrrrr - can't even get the pic to show!

try here -

p.s. am just attempting to upload directly to youtube - not what I want to do, but might help find out what the problem is...(not sure how it helps, but gotta do something!!!)
By djps55 - 11 Years Ago
try downloading apple quicktime,and then see if you can watch project,i use wmv when i export my crazytalk projects,but on any avi projects(video/audio i use my quicktime)
give it a try.