Custum character
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By luigis - 9 Years Ago
Hello all.

I have developed a new character and can save it as a custom character, but I can't find a way to export it ( I have CT 7 on both a laptop and a PC ) so I don't have to redo the character. Does anyone know where the character is stored?
By Peter (RL) - 9 Years Ago
To find where you character is saved, just right click the thumbnail in Content Manager and choose "Find File". This will open Windows Explorer in the folder where the character is saved. Now you can copy the file (.ct7model) over to your other computer.

I hope this helps. Smile

By crazyAnim - 9 Years Ago
I do not see a way to save a custom character. How can I do this? Also, I noticed that you have to save a project in the Reallusion/Custom folder, otherwise CT will not import it into the Custom projects tab. Weird.
By AverageJoe - 9 Years Ago
Go to the Actor tab (along the left of the content manager on the right of the screen), go to Custom (right hand top tab), and click the + button at the bottom. The do as Peter said, right click the newly created character, and in the popup menu choose Find File.
By crazyAnim - 9 Years Ago
Thank you, found it. Still strange that all custom content has to be in a certain folder otherwise CrazyTalk will ignore it. I usually save my projects and all generated data on a particular hard drive. Cannot do so with CrazyTalk it seems.
By AverageJoe - 9 Years Ago
Typically any program that has content management system will have a dedicated directory structure for saving things.  However, you do not have to save to the content manager.  You can do a Save as, save your project anywhere, and use the Open or Load menu option to re-open it.  You can save your project anywhere you want.  (I know this is true of RL's other apps, I just don;t remember if CT does it the same way, because it's actually quite a few years old)  However, this is not true for the individual pieces, such as Actors/CHaracter, only for Projects.