Switching from scenes

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By DancinHero - 6 Years Ago
Thanks for your reply, as if right now im using all the space i have and its very cool so i can move my camera around and do some super effects, Thanks for your reply.
By robert_madrid - 3 Months Ago

CTA2 Street Movie: https://youtu.be/VAHdLg73Gbo

By jlittle - 6 Years Ago
Typically you would start a new project for each scene then combine them in an external video editor.

Note that using a "Scene" (i.e. a pre-built scene with all the props already laid out) changes the scene for the whole project.

If you create your own setting, by placing individual props, you could possibly use other areas of the stage for a different scene/setting but is not really recommended.


By DancinHero - 6 Years Ago
Hello Folks!, im new to this great program and im trying to figure out how move from one scene to another like for example: i have a scene in forest the main hero moves to a house, how do i change from the forest scene to the house scene...Please help.

Thanks in advance Smile