The eyes have IK
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By CZahrobsky - 5 Years Ago
It is most unnatural for people to have their eyes face straight ahead in the direction of their noses. Every iClone model looks completely spaced out on drugs, because their eyes have no particular direction of focus. Try this. Open your eyes wide like a zombie. Keep your eyes starting straight ahead, and turn your head about from side to side, up and down and change your body position... but keep your eyes always staring blankly in the direction of your nose straight ahead. Now go through the same motions as though you were NOT an automoton.

Your eye movement almost always precedes a change of direction and stays in that same general direction until your focus changes. Nod "yes" while you read this. Your eyes are moving to stay focused on this text. How hard would it be to put that algorithm into the default head physics?? Certainly easier than making cloth seem real or keeping your model from passing through solid matter! We also do not open or eyes as wide as these models by default. You usually can only see the whites of a person's eye above OR below the cornea, or entirely framed by the eyelids, but certainly NOT white both above and below. Crazy Talk is a bit better at eye movement, but still not quite right. Please make the corneas bigger and anticipate motion to keep our animations from scaring the elderly and small children.
By ckalan1 - 5 Years Ago
Seasons greetings.

I am not sure but the Look at: feature in iClone might be what you are looking for.

In iClone 6 you can find the controls for it in the Modify panel. Press F6 to toggle the panel on and off.

Scroll down to the Look at (O) bar in the Modify panel. Press O and the panel moves to the Look at bar.

Click the Look at Camera box and the avatar will look at the preview camera. That is the default.

You can choose the camera you want the avatar to look at if you have made more than one camera.

You can also click Pick Target and have the avatar look at the target that you select.

Below the Look at Camera box is the Look at Weight control slider. This determines how much influence the controls have on the eyes/head of the avatar. I am not sure who the Ee Convergence slider works. Sorry.

But this might get you started.
By prabhatM - 5 Years Ago
CZahrobsky (12/21/2014)
Every iClone model looks completely spaced out on drugs, because their eyes have no particular direction of focus.

I first noticed that "Stare Look Issue" with the G5 characters. I must say ICLONE has improved on that issue with the G6 characters, but the issue is still there.

Hope they take care of that in future.

Experiment with the DAZ characters in ICLONE.