change the standard voice in crazy talk
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By Peter (RL) - 14 Years Ago

You have three options available to change the voice.

  1. Record your own voice direct from Crazytalk.
  2. Import a WAV file of some recorded speech.
  3. Use the Text To Speech option and type in what you want your character to say.

All these options are available by selecting Script and choosing the relevant choice. Check out the Help file for instructions (Press F1 in Crazytalk).

By dkfordays - 3 Years Ago
I just bought Crazytalk 8 Pro and was using the text dialogue, but the voice alter is limited to just pitch and speed. It doesn't change the sound of the voice. Crazytalk should really work on getting different voice sounds like a southern voice, country voice, latino voice etc. Just being able to speed and pitch isn't enough. I am creating characters and I need for them to sound different.
By komuss - 14 Years Ago
hi everybody

i'm very happy to be here with you

but today i have some probleme with the crazy talk.

what going on ? i'll tell you now!

it just i want to change the spech and and the standard voice and add it to my picture.

thanks you