Crazytalk with VB
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By softbotz - 11 Years Ago
I was wondering if the the download is still any good. Downloads, but won't unzip. Also can't find CT4ComponentText.exe.

In any case, when I add the OCX to a VB6 Form, and using this code in Form_Load...

CT.LifeMode = "1"
CT.ModelName = "C:\test\head_0.ctm"
CT.ScriptName = "C:\test\Super hero_02.cts"
CT.ControlStyle = "1"
CT.BorderStyle = "1"
CT.MenuStyle = "0"
CT.AutoPlay = "1"
CT.Play 0

I get one of two things happen...

1. Nothing

2. Program freezes.

I'm missing something somewhere?


By viewtv2000 - 11 Years Ago
agizy1000 (10/9/2009)
To viewtv2000, here is the code which will solve your problem:


Thanks agizy1000! That did solve my problem! I only wish I had been subscribed to this topic (I assumed it would happen automatically when I posted) so I could have thanked you in a more timely manner.
By Peter (RL) - 11 Years Ago
The zip file opens for me (in PowerArchiver) and shows one file also called Component_Demo.

This file is actually another zip but isn't named correctly so what you need to do is extract this one file and then rename it to add a zip on the end. Then it will open correctly and you will find all the files you need.

Hope this helps. Smile

By ay15 - 5 Years Ago
Can anyone upload the demo Please...? I want to make a chat-bot with VisualBasic and I have CrazyTalk 8.
By agizy1000 - 12 Years Ago
Aha BigGrin Thanks edward for your reply.

Yes the old version of SAPI wasn't installed in Windows 7, I have download a file called MSTTSL.exe which installs SAPI 4.1 and now I can lipsync the character with TTS in the .Net environment Smile

To viewtv2000, here is the code which will solve your problem:


I hope the upcoming API supports SAPI 5.3 which comes with Windows Vista and 7.

By agizy1000 - 12 Years Ago
I'm facing the same problem, I can't use AttachCtrl. Also I tried AxRLTTSComponent1.AttachCtrl(AxCrazyTalk.GetOcx()) it doesn't show an error, but it also doesn't lipsync with the character.

I'm not sure what's wrong with it!

Also the posted attachment (by Visconti) seems having the same issue, the character doesn't lipsync in TTS mode. And there is a tab called "RL Sync RT" which is in "Coming soon" !

Any progress in this part ?

The old API was working perfectly, this one is complicated. Please help.
By Visconti - 14 Years Ago
Hi, bwd2

Yes. You have to install the web player & TTS component first.

Please also go through the white paper to know the operation well.
Download the zip file from the attachment in this post.
Place the unzipped folder to your local.
Run CT4CompotentTest.exe or use other project files for VB.

By bwd2 - 14 Years Ago
Has anyone found a way to get CrazyTalk to read text in a textbox in VB6.0?  I'm guessing that one would convert the TTS to wave and then to CTS. If anyone one knows how to do this I would appreciate the help. I'm not even sure if it can be done.
By Edward (RL) - 12 Years Ago
There is no problem in my desktop.
Is your TTS works in your computer? you may check the SAPI4 or 5 works first Smile
As I know, some TTS engine not provide lips data, so it will not works in CrazyTalk component.
By bwd2 - 14 Years Ago
Do you have any script file examples that would work in VB6.0? I have looked at the TTS white paper, but it is all in Java. I can get the text to voice portion working, but not the character lip movements.
By viewtv2000 - 12 Years Ago
Ok, old thread, but somewhat relevant to my problem.

I downloaded the sample app (thanks Visconti!) and it works for me, but I'm trying to duplicate the functionality in the .net environment.

I have imported the CrazyTalk4 and RLTTSComponent ActiveX Controls using aximp, added them to my Tools and created instances of them on my form.

I am able to get TTS to work using axRLTTSComponent1.TextContent and axRLTTSComponent1.Play()

(The "ax" names are how they came out of the import and I just left them).

I am able to get CrazyTalk4 to use a model play a script.

What I can't accomplish is getting the two to work together.

When I try to AttachCtrl via axRLTTSComponent1.AttachCtrl(axCrazyTalk41) I always get a COM error that the member is not found.

If I try axRLTTSComponent1.AttachCtrl(null) I don't get that error, so it seems like the Method is there but it's not seeing the correct type for the object argument?

Any chance anyone has done this or has sample code? Thanks!