Import mp4 video in iclone5
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By planetstardragon - 7 Years Ago
you can add the mp4 codec, but Iclone apparently doesn't recognize the mp4 timecode for some reason and gives you a file is not seekable error.
By Cricky - 6 Years Ago
Try installing the K-Lite Codec pack.  
By Oratechsolve - 7 Years Ago
Is it possible to import MP4 video in iclone 5 and edit to add some interactive animation into the video?
By justaviking - 7 Years Ago
I am unable to load MP4 video into iClone ("unknown CODEC" message).


I can load an AVI or WMV file, which means it could be used as a background and your characters could be animated to do stuff, sort of like standing in front of a large movie screen.

Is that what you were thinking of?  What are you attempting to accomplish?

By Andy the Rock Skipper - 6 Years Ago
In iclone 4, I could import MP4 videos which was great for control panels. In iclone 5.5, the same saved project can not load the videos.
By Oratechsolve - 7 Years Ago
I will convert into avi and see whether I can import file.
By animagic - 6 Years Ago
I use codec packs (for Windows 7 in my case) and I'm able to handle MP4's in iClone 5 (and probably 6 as well).