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By mellormedia - 7 Years Ago
Cheers Reallusion ta, kids n me are well chuffed like, marv BigGrin Thanks Mark bud cheers, all the best Hehe Well done to all!!! Regards, MMM
By murta61 - 7 Years Ago
Congratulation all WinnersSmile
By directaccess_Reallusion - 7 Years Ago
For all the winners, I've emailed prize notification to your registered email account.
Please check your email and reply to me for the prize delivery.

By RicksWorks - 7 Years Ago
Animation, like all other art is subjective. I think all entries were winners and I congratulate those who officially were named winners.

We'll do it again.
By etourist - 7 Years Ago
Congratulations to all the winners.

Also nice to be among them, with one of the minor prizes, as something of a CrazyTalk Animator Newbie. Only started learning the software proper with the release of CTA2 back in December.
By Retrosleep - 7 Years Ago
I'm honored to have won second place. Really cool!

Congrats to everyone who won and who put the time in just to enter the contest. Keep up the good work everyone :]
By vidi - 7 Years Ago
Congratulation all Winners !!! Smile

By Walt_R - 7 Years Ago
I watched them all and my personal favorite was Charlie & Hattie's Animated Adventures. Congrats to all the winners and the wonderful videos you created!
By Bruce (RL) - 7 Years Ago
Hi everyone,

Reallusion would like to salute all the winners of this year’s Animation@Work competition, which helped us to show how CrazyTalk can be utilized in real life projects! We were surprised at the creativity and professional production values that all of the participants demonstrated in their submissions. There were tons of exceptional productions, however we only have a handful of awards to send out. Congratulations to all the winners! We hope to see all of you in the next CrazyTalk Animator competition!

All entries:


Top 1- Best Video

Prize: US$ 1,000

Video Title: Superhero Training Video

Director: Garry Pye

Judges' Comment:

This submission delivers stunning performances in every aspect. The author drew and animated his original designed characters, scenes and props with very professional and stylish cartoon styles. This hilarious and creative work showcases how CrazyTalk Animator can help talented graphic artists animate their creations!


Top 2- Best Video

Prize: US $ 800

Video Title: House Lannister Gets Shrek'd

Director: Thomas Palumbo

Judges' Comment:

You could say that this submission was… bloody hilarious. The character design, animation, color styles, and story-telling techniques are all top-notch! Thomas showed exceptional talent by achieving smooth, multi-dimensional animation to go along with this hilarious parody.


Top 3- Best Video

Prize: US $ 600

Video Title: Charlie & Hattie's Animated Adventures

Director: Darren Thompson

Judges' Comment:

This video showcases how CrazyTalk Animator can be a good tool for training and education. Darren really impressed us by combining his own content designs with other stuff from around the Reallusion community. This is also a great example of how to turn a picture book into an animation.



Best Parody/Comedy Video

Prize: Corel Painter X3 (US$399), Gift Card valued US$100

Video Title: WHAT'S THE MATA - MAN U, HEY?

Director: 442oons

Judges' Comment:

Fans of football will love this one! Combining excellent overall production, animation, music production and character design, this video is a winner just in time for the upcoming World Cup!



Best Business & Training Video

Prize: Corel Painter X3 (US$399), Gift Card valued US$100

Video Title: National Television Commercial created in Crazy Talk Animator Pro (1 of 2)

Director: Sean Rickner

Judges' Comment:

This is a great example of how CTA 2 can be used to create a quality TV commercial, and it demonstrates excellent use of a photo-avatar complete with lip-sync and subtle facial expression.



Best Animated Comic

Prize: Corel Painter X3 (US$399), Gift Card valued US$100

Video Title: The Life and Times of Jackie B.

Director: Miron Lockett

Judges' Comment:

We absolutely loved the way the creator of this video combined 2D & 3D characters alongside his own drawings to complete this well-produced animated comic.



Best Infographics Video

Prize:Corel Painter X3 (US$399), Gift Card valued US$100

Video Title: Let´s talk about pain!

Director: Anders Rosgaard

Judges' Comment:

Just the spectacular-looking infographic we were looking for, and from a physiotherapist to boot! This goes to show that you don’t need to be a professional animator to produce excellent quality infographic animations.



Best Animation (Entry x 3)

Prize: MAGIX Movie Edit PRO 2014 Premium (US$ 129.99)

Video Title: CrazyTalk Contest - Animation4Business Premium

Director: David Arandle

Judges' Comment:

In this short video, the creator utilizes multi-dimensional character animation very well, and we particularly enjoy the man in the first scene!



Video Title: Legend of the Legendary Lost Legend - Chapter 3

Director: Chris Kokotis

Judges' Comment:

There are so many unique characters in this film, and the good character animation performance helps to present the actor's personality successfully!



Video Title: Strum Music School Ad

Director: Surya kant Upadhyay

Judges' Comment:

A nicely done video with 2D characters in a 3D environment alongside good camerawork and character animation.



Best Visual Design

Prize: VideoStudio Ultimate X6 (US $ 79.99), PaintShop Pro X6 (US$ 79.99)

Video Title: Yoi e Ipi, Una historia Ticuna. (Yoi e Ipi, A Ticuna History)

Director: Santiago Mosquera

Judges' Comment:

This video is one of a kind for artistic design. The animated tattoo and the tribal characters are really cool!



Best Original Character

Prize: DAZ 3D Gift Certificate US$ 100

Video Title: The Black Tuesdays music promotion video

Director: Bryce Van Patten

Judges' Comment:

A original video with even more unique comic characters. Beautiful color setting and scene design as well!



Best Creative (Entry x 3)

Prize: Animation Magazine 1-Year Subscription (US$ 90)

Video Title: Hi There, I'm The Amazing Mister Mike - Magic Magician, Victoria, Australia

Director: Mike Fields

Judges' Comment:

This is a magical and creative video that showcases some of the great potential that CTA 2 has to create quality productions.



Video Title: CrazyTalk Contest - Anderson Cooper 180

Director: Gary Zappelli

Judges' Comment:

This submission is super hilarious and satirical. We can’t really say much about this video since we’re too busy staring at the ever-attractive Anderson.



Video Title: Can Customer Advocates really boost your sales?

Director: Richard Chai

Judges' Comment:

This is also a nice and clear infographic video, and we especially love the girl grabbing the twitter bird to fly in the sky! So creative!

By MisterMike - 7 Years Ago
What fabulous quality was entered. I'm really honoured that one of my videos is amongst the field of such strong winners. It's great to see what creativity people can generate out of the CTA family. Watching the entries has inspired me to do even more. Some great skills everyone. Thanks it was fun! BigGrin
By duchess110 - 7 Years Ago
Congratulations to all some very nice work.
By mark - 7 Years Ago
WOW! Awesome work by all the winners! Congrats to all and a HUGE shout-out to Darren Thompson on his win...WAY TO GO DUDE!!!!TongueTongueTongueTongue
By Teviniii - 7 Years Ago

There were many worthy entries. Congratulations to all the winners and participants.