Yoi e Ipi, Una historia Ticuna. (Yoi e Ipi, A Ticuna History)

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By Bruce (RL) - 7 Years Ago


Animation is a trailer for a web series animated stories and myths about the Ticunas and some other indigenous tribes in Colombia. The story is about two brothers, Yoi and Ipi , reaching the planet Earth that is completely dark so you have to shoot down the giant ceiba that hides the sun . Ipi lowest is a bit naughty and as punishment Yoi and sends it to reap huito scratch , while doing so distracted and same line with that juice huito and Ipi , his brother is painted and what is left to pour river on contact with water becomes fish. Yoi will fish and then transformed into Ticunas Indians. and so the world was populated according to legend Ticuna. The story is summarized so this is a preview of what would be the whole story with more characters and situations. The idea was to tell the story through the ritual practiced them painted with huito tradition as well integrated with the depth and sense of belonging that have generated through the skin and body.

By DELETED2 - 7 Years Ago

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This is really stunning.

Its a little raw round the commentary audibly but it doesn't distract from the fact that the animations on the skin are ingenious. Absolutely brilliant and the storyline and segments each contrasting with one another is gorgeous. 

Really sad that its only had (at time of this post) 9 views because it's worth so many more and very much praise especially from what hails itself as an advanced animation "community". 

I really enjoyed seeing this.  It's so rewarding to see someone with a really difficult  idea and be able to appreciate the degree of work it took to get it into a production at this level.  Top marks from me. Superb superb effort.


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