G2 Power Tools Vol.2 - Mega Presenter Release

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By Bruce (RL) - 10 Years Ago
The G2 Power Tools Vol. 2 - Mega Presenter content pack is a polished new collection of Character, Scene, Animation and Special Effects pack ideal for on-the-run presenters and companies. Turn your PowerPoint presentations into awesome animated shows with all these customizable assets that can be used as they are, or in combination with other packs.


By macbodd - 10 Years Ago
this could not have come at a better time. Ive been trying to create some keyframe animations for a few of the things in this pack and only getting more furstrated! I think you savbed me about 10 hours of work with the new props and motions. Brilliant!
By AverageJoe - 10 Years Ago
I'm curious, with most of the props being Presentation type props, and the marketing this pack as the Presentation pack, is RL targeting CTA more for business presentations as opposed to an animation tool?