Singing In The Frame
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By son.m - 6 Years Ago
I like it, also the title which is quite funny now!
By Gerskey - 6 Years Ago
Hi community,
thank you all for your feedback it's much appreciated. Btw Happy Easter all.

By Bezzer - 6 Years Ago
Nice poster, good work.
By Alley - 6 Years Ago
Very nice gerskey! Smile
By toonarama - 6 Years Ago
very professional looking
By wires - 6 Years Ago
Well done gerskey. Smile
By colour - 6 Years Ago
Excellent work with both of your Posters, Gerard Smile

Your talent will be sorely-missed this year if you're  unable to participate in the Pinhead Community Project. Crying 

Happy Easter to you, too Smile

By Gerskey - 6 Years Ago
Hi Community,

My entry lol to the contest.

I spent the last 9 hours putting it together using what I had. Here's the screen shot.


now below the some what poster.



By Peter Blood - 6 Years Ago
Nicely done. I could hear Gene singing as I was viewing it! Tongue

Cool pete

By The Mythical Dragon - 6 Years Ago
Looks great