Arnold Schwarzenegger endorsement of The Amazing Mister Mike
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By Bruce (RL) - 7 Years Ago


I use this on my website as a joke celebrity endorsement. It's a business video but also a parody too.

By Peter Blood - 7 Years Ago
Dot vas very cool und funny. Tongue

Cool pete

By MisterMike - 7 Years Ago
Thanks, I must admit had way too much fun making it.
By MisterMike - 7 Years Ago
In an earlier draft of this I had the picture on the wall changing face shape, blinking and reacting to what Arnie was saying. It was really funny, but a couple of kids I showed it too said it made them feel weird or unsure of it. That was the last way I wanted kids to react, so the picture on the wall got frozen - even though I really liked it.