Converting to non-standard where not enough bones to map
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By toonarama - 7 Years Ago

I am trying to convert the free 3duniverse grugglemonk into a non-standard character in 3dxchange however he only has 2 bones below the hip for each leg (rather than the required 3) therefore I cannot successfully map all the bones.

Does anybody know if there is a way around this?

thank you?

By Rampa - 7 Years Ago
Sometimes a bone has no length, but it's still mappable. Check if there are "dots" at the ends of the shin bones.
By toonarama - 7 Years Ago
Thanks to you both

I tried Vidi's approach first and followed the very clear instructions and it worked perfectly and I also learned a very valuable piece of Daz information. You are truly my heroine and I just wish my German was as good as your English!

Rampa there were a couple of extra bones hanging out of his bottom(!) which I tried to us but I was getting error messages about the hip bone but that may well have been to do with my faulty mapping elsewhere.

Thank you very much to both of you from me and Gruggle!

By vidi - 7 Years Ago
In Daz Studio select Gruggle monk in the Scene Manager > choose parameters Tab > Display > Bones > show Bones

now you see all Bones

choose the bone tool (Joint editor Tool)) > right Mouseclick > Create > select interactive Mode >
Expand the Gruggle Monk in the scene manager, if not already been done , that you should see all Nodes
select the Bone rShin in the scenemanager > click in the scene below the shinbone, with hold ctrl key and create so a new Child Bone
Do the the same with lShin

Export as FBX to xchange

Now you have enough Bones and Xchange will work for you