Flip object in Character Composer and select multiple layers

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By jlittle - 7 Years Ago
You can not flip objects in composer mode.

If you are using any of the stock objects (i.e. mouth, nose, etc.) note that they are usually setup for front/left facing characters.

If you are using all your own images you can make the character face any direction you want.

Only a character/prop on the stage can be flipped.
Note: the flip function will flip the entire character and not selected parts (i.e. head) of the character.

By richyart - 3 Years Ago
How to select multiple layers, like bones in the motion key editor??
By badgerballs - 7 Years Ago
I have created a head and want to add mouth. I added the mouth from the Library items but I cannot flip it as my head is looking from the other side orientation. How do you flip items. I tried draging the right node thru past the left but it stops, and there is no flip tools. Any idea. Also how do you select more than 1 item at a time in the layers list.