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By Agonos - 9 Years Ago
Hello Smile
I would like to create an animation simulating breathing, to see an actor inhale and exhale through his chest. Do you know if there is any help (tutorial video) on this ?

PS : Just with Iclone and 3dxchange if possible ^^

By planetstardragon - 9 Years Ago
one way to learn is to import a video of someone breathing and keyframing it. ( basically copying a pose every 10 or so frames from the video to imitate it ) With the standard Iclone rig, you will be limited to how many bones you can pose to do breathing.
But you can do a simple simulation as Colour so wonderfully demonstrated.

If you want to make it look realistic, you would need a rig with extra rib bones and it starts to get technical - but do-able all the same. The iclone structure has only basic biped bones, so you would have to simulate this with back and shoulder / arm bones. A custom rig will also include rib bones which will give you flexibility ( and a ton of extra moves to keyframe ) to get the realism.
By Rampa - 9 Years Ago
Breath marks? Like in a music score?

Moviestorm has breathing, and it really doesn't add much in general use. However, sometimes seeing the breathing is important. Sometimes a big inhale/exhale needs to be shown. It can also show emotion to have deep breathing.

We need an advanced developer to tackle this one, so that it works for all G5 avatars using the extended bone structure.
By planetstardragon - 9 Years Ago
Morph! as wonderfully demonstrated by The very talented Duchess!

By Agonos - 9 Years Ago
Hello Smile
At first, thank you for all your posts on the topic. Indeed breathing is automatic as blinking. But add an option in the software would be superfluous in my humble opinion. It would suffice to allow to create an animation from the changes made with the option "Avatar Proportion". What do you think? Is this feasible?
By Agonos - 9 Years Ago
The lion, king of animals, thank Duchess
By colour - 9 Years Ago
Agonos (8/20/2013)
Thank you for your answer. But I would learn to do rather than take an animation already created Smile.

Ok - No tutorial that I'm aware of.

You could experiment with Edit Motion Layer, using my Video Clip as an example. I've never tried it, but it would be fiddly with pinning & un-pinning body parts & Moving/Rotating those, to get the right effect & maybe a lot of Keyframing for each Motion edit.


By justaviking - 9 Years Ago
This could start out difficult, and then get even harder!

Suppose we did have a breathing option, similar to the "eye blink" settings.  Okay, that would be easy to use; hard to create probably, but easy to use.  We could have normal, panting, gasping, and similar options.

But what about when they speak?  I bet you'd notice if the breathing is out of sync with the speaking.  You might not consciously realize what's wrong, but I'll bet something would "feel wrong" if the character was inhaling while speaking.

By Rampa - 9 Years Ago
The bone structure is there in the G5's. If you select Adjust Standard Bone in 3DX they are visible. They are not usable by the Edit Motion Layer in iClone though.
By Rampa - 9 Years Ago
Well, in iClone we can adjust the shoulders slightly for a big sigh.

Use the mirror, choose the translate tool, select the shoulder point in the Edit motion layer, move it up a little bit. Then stick it in the Motion Puppet so it can be layered onto your avatar. Just let it run for bit to have your avatar pant.

Perhaps a bit less exciting than bone scaling, but achievable within iClone.
By duchess110 - 9 Years Ago
Hi Agonos. I saw that you would like to create breathing yourself.

If you load the breath motion that is in iClone perhaps it may give you an idea on what bones you need to work on.

It can be found  Animation - Motion - iMotion Violet - Idle - (Idle01  this is breath)

Hope that helps in some way.


By bud_20121023184423262 - 9 Years Ago
Thank you, Animagic,

I haven't played much with bringing characters into 3DXchange, but I hope to soon!
By Agonos - 9 Years Ago
Thank you for your answer. But I would learn to do rather than take an animation already created Smile.
By Agonos - 9 Years Ago
Thank you
I tried to find the animation with the "tag" breath, but I have not found. I was advised this tuto
But it seems not to have seen me an actor with the animation "breathing" as shown on the video :
I'm wrong ? Otherwise I spend, it does not matter BigGrin
By Rampa - 9 Years Ago
A great solution on an individual basis. I suppose it would be fine for all Genesis figures, as long as you left them full resolution.
By planetstardragon - 9 Years Ago
that's what she said!
By planetstardragon - 9 Years Ago
heh, yah, i have a love hate thing going myself ....I love the company and developer team and have faith in them, I hate that it can't all be fixed by morning lol

serious man, if they need someone to make coffee and look over shoulders, they know how to reach me!!

"you done yet?!" - "need more coffee?" downloading maya 2014, don't hate! -makes coffee-
By Ascensi - 3 Years Ago
If you are interested in real breathing for your characters I've introduced a concept on the feedback tracker  I hope you vote on that should morph the chest area and ik the shoulders simultaneously mimicking to the body what lungs do but also introduced other fantastic possibilities such as real time shock waves through a large character with fat, breasts, butt, flab wiggle.

This should allow everyone to easily add/activate breathing - just give your character animated 3D lungs and veins on softbody physics for characters based on character weight maps!  <---Link  please vote.
 The lungs could have a few animations -rapid breathing, calm, inhale/exhale, dead, random for fear. -could be a standard. I've also suggested the same to a developer of Obi softbody Physics on the Unity asset store to have a pipeline to port this for games as well.
By animagic - 9 Years Ago
This is really a shot in the dark, but from what I understand you can now add extra bones so maybe something could be done with that...Unsure
By colour - 9 Years Ago
"Agonos (8/20/2013)
Hello Smile
I would like to create an animation simulating breathing, to see an actor inhale and exhale through his chest. Do you know if there is any help (tutorial video) on this ?

PS : Just with Iclone and 3dxchange if possible ^^


I think I've got a Freebie Breathing Animation created by Forum Member Paumanok West, who hasn't Posted for a long time.

I'll check it out & Edit my Post here. 

ADDED - Here you go. If you want the File, send me a Forum e-mail & I'll Reply with the File Attachment. Remember to Credit Paumanok West in your Video.

By Rampa - 9 Years Ago
I thought there were additional bones for such stuff with G5(3 as well?) avatars, Just not available from within iClone. I think you have access to the rib cage if you do it in MAX. The only rib cage access we have within iClone is in the avatar proportion panel, and it cannot be animated.

We only have access to the "gross motor" bones in iClone.

It could be done on a per character basis using morphs that would need to be created in third party software. Yikes! difficult/tedious!


Actually adding the breathing to an avatar with existing animations would be very difficult as well. If the breathing animation were part of the Motion Puppet, then you could mask out the other body parts so that it applied only to the torso. It still might be fussy.
By planetstardragon - 9 Years Ago
morph it!
By planetstardragon - 9 Years Ago
then i have to introduce you to my cousin!

at least in iclone you can shape the morph to model for it's head not to swell!
By Rampa - 9 Years Ago
Sadly, the proportions cannot be animated.Crying
By rcsinger29 - 9 Years Ago
Horror Movies Motion - Slayer - Idle 1

Is the best "breathing" simulation I have found.

Use motion puppet to reduce the exaggeration and slouch of the motion.
By bud_20121023184423262 - 9 Years Ago
I, too, have been looking for awhile on how to do a chest expansion / breath motion.

I recently saw an iClone movie where the character was doing this, so I know it can be done.

I'm interested in trying the "Morph" solution, but when I load Chuck into 3DXchange, I only see a "Facial Morph" option.

I like the idea of re-sizing the spine bone above, but I cannot see a way to do this in iClone/3DXchange, unless I'm missing something.

I don't need to cycle it or anything. I just have a shot where the character takes a deep breath. I'd love for his lungs to fill up with air, but I have a work-around for now.

How does one "morph" the spine bone?

Or has anybody since come up with other solutions?

All thoughts/ideas/suggestions appreciated.