How did Reallusion record demo of Viz app?
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By perriced - 10 Years Ago
thanks Peter, Dave
By perriced - 10 Years Ago
Hi, suddenly got to did you (Reallusion) record the demo for Viz app--or, for that matter, ANY of your apps? what i'm trying to say is I'm looking for a good screen record APP--for ipad and with the ability to RECORD THE MOVEMENTS IN the creation of a VIZ project--and would appreciate any advice. Trade secret? Impossible? Prohibitively expensive? thanks, Dave

Come to think of it, I think you simply used a camera. Still, any thought on screen record apps that would record VIZ in action?
By Peter (RL) - 10 Years Ago
No special secrets involved. it's really just a case of keeping the iPad still by supporting it on the table or desk while holding it. It's also important to make sure you don't get any light reflecting on the screen.

You can use any type of video recorder such as a standard camcorder or pocket HD recorder. A mini tripod will be essential as trying to record hand held in close proximity to the iPad will really show up any camera shake.