Audio recording inside IClone
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By Rock Soderstrom - 10 Years Ago
Dear developers,it would be pretty nice to have the possibility to record audio inside IClone with better quality. Let's say 48 khz/16bit, that would be enough for me.

It's true, that we can record better audio outside of IClone and use this resulting files than later in IClone, but I think for facial animation it would be way better and faster to stay in Iclone.

Thanks for doing good work!Smile


By Peter (RL) - 10 Years Ago
Thanks for the feedback Rock. This has been passed to the development team to review. Smile
By gentledragon - 8 Years Ago
Can you talk directly into IClone 6 pro yet?
By Cricky - 8 Years Ago
Yes.  Modify-Motion-Create Script_RECORD Voice.  The quality is based on the microphone, but overall it works fine.  You now also have the option of exporting WAV files directly and bringing them back; should you want to clean something up without losing the placement in the project.

gentaldragon (11/21/2015)
Can you talk directly into IClone 6 pro yet?