Unable to Embed my CrazyTalk 6 flash file into Webpage

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By InfoCentral - 7 Years Ago
Do you have Java installed and enabled?
By SVZ - 8 Years Ago
Hello to all, and thanks in advance for any help with my issue. I'm somewhat of a novice, so please excuse all the detailing!

I am having no luck trying to successfully embed a flash file (Named "Jackie" & created in CrazyTalk 6) into a webpage (Of a site created with XSitePro 2.5).

Here's what's I'm doing:

In CrazyTalk, from the output "Web" tab, I choose "Flash File" & check both "Produce HTML Page" & "Include Standby Motion" tabs, & name the file "Jackie".

The files created (& sent to my Desktop) are as follows:

1. A "Jackie_Data" folder (with 4 files inside): AC_RunActiveContent, FlashSwf, and 2 .flv videos named "Jackie" & "JackieStandBy".

2. A single .HTML Document file named "Jackie" (OUTSIDE the folder)

Following this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uirdfSR8h2I , I try to embed the flash into my website, but when I preview the page in my website software, I get the following message on screen: "This page requires AC_RunActiveContent.js"

Can anyone explain what the problem is?