Content Download is in .rld file format
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By Peter.n - 11 Years Ago
You double-click the file and the the download start.
By Ajit.Sirohi - 11 Years Ago
I have purchased content from MarketPlace but when I downloaded it is in .rld file format. How do I extract the files from this file. How do I unpack this file.
By sal of salmar productions - 11 Years Ago
Something similar happened to me this was suggested by Vit3D and it worked:

I think there is some problem with file type association in your computer.
.rdl file should associate with RLCntDownloader.exe, which located in SYS:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Reallusion\Downloader\
Try to use "Open with.." from context menu. Hope this will help.

If you wanted to review the info it is at:


It worked for me - I hope it works or you.
By justin.s.leary - 9 Years Ago
You double click the rld file, Peter?

I'm on windows (windows 8). Windows doesn't recognise the rld file.