Emotive won't kick in til half way through movie

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By sarahatyork - 13 Years Ago
I'm working on a project about 90 seconds long and want to add an emotive at the start...but they only ever kick in around 40 seconds in. 

It does it every time and I just can't work it out.  It's probably something simple but if anyone can shed any light, I'd be over the moon.



By Peter (RL) - 13 Years Ago
Hi Sarah

An emotive is added to a script that is created in Stage mode. It is possible to have more than one script attached to a character in Stage mode.

So for example you might have two scripts created for your character (see image below).

One starts at the beginning and the second starts at 10 seconds in. If you then add the emotive to the second script at 10 seconds in it will not play until that time.

Have you possibly added the emotive to a script further down the timeline? If not perhaps you could tell me the name of the emotive so I can check it for you. Thanks.

By sarahatyork - 13 Years Ago
Thanks for your reply.

I still can't seem to get the emotive to start at the beginning of a script.  This is what I did...

I added a 90 second soundtrack to my model...then went to "stage" and clicked into the "new script" area of Character1's line.  I then clicked on the Emotives tab and selected one (doesn't matter which).  Then, when I click on the Timeline tab and play it, the Emotive only cuts in at the point shown in the screendump.

I'm probably doing something really stupid...but it doesn't matter what photo I use (though I've only ever tried the one soundtrack).

Any help would be much appreciated.


By Peter (RL) - 13 Years Ago
Hi Sarah

Sorry for the late reply.

Your screenshot doesn't show but are you adding the "New Script" 40 seconds into your project or right at frame 1. An emotive should begin as soon as the script begins to play, but if your script doesn't start for 40 seconds then the emotive won't start until that time either.

Are you able to show a screenshot of the scripts in the Stage tab so I can see better where the problem may be coming from.