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Feature Highlights of Headshot 2, the Mesh-to-CC plugin

Posted By Fionn (RL) Last Year
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Fionn (RL)
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Headshot 2, the AI enhanced Character Creator plugin generates 3D real-time digital humans both from photos and 3D models. The new Mesh Workflow features highly accurate mesh wrapping and texturing baking functions, which turns static head models into fully-rigged 3D faces for voice lip-sync, facial expression, and full body animation.

The classical Image workflow supports two AI processes: Auto Mode makes lower-res virtual heads with additional 3D hair with a one-click button. The Pro Mode is designed for hi-res texture processing, includes Headshot 1000+ sculpting morphs, Image Mapping and Texture Reprojection tools for manual face shape refinement.

Learn more:Headshot 2 - The AI Enhanced 3D Head Generator | Free Trial Download 

The feature highlights of Headshot 2

  • Turn 3D head models into fully-rigged characters. 
    Whether covered or fragmented, Headshot 2 can create a complete 3D head from diverse mesh conditions.

  • Create superior digital doubles from a variety of resources. Mesh made from photogrammetry, digital sculptures or mobile 3D scanning supply the seeds for creating animated 3D heads, ranging from digital humans to stylized characters. 

  • Intuitive wrapping process in 5 steps.   From auto-detection, point alignment, AI head generation to brush tools for mesh refinement and body attachment, Headshot 2 has it all.

  • Challenging scenarios can be resolved with efficiency. Dealing with eyes and ears after model fitting can be tricky as well as attaching to head to the body and preserving hairstyle. Headshot 2 offers a set of powerful brushes to workaround hairy problems.

  • Versatile texture baking options help retain high-poly detail.  Headshot 2 enables the conversion of vertex color to texture, normal baking, image projection, and UV remapping (see below).

Headshot 2 Spotlight 1: Turn 3D head models into fully-rigged characters
Headshot 2 harnesses the power of AI to handle diverse mesh conditions with a remarkable level of tolerance. It particularly excels at working with severely flawed models, effortlessly generating fully-rigged, professional-grade characters.

Headshot 2 Spotlight 2: Create superior digital doubles from a variety of resources

With a range of services including custom scans and a professional 3D head library, photogrammetry offers unparalleled model details and texture resolution. Headshot 2 leverages this technology, enabling studios to effortlessly create and animate celebrities, game characters, and photo-realistic crowd simulations for movies and archviz.

In the media entertainment industry, digital sculptors skilled in tools like ZBrush and Blender create high-definition 3D characters for intellectual properties. Headshot simplifies the process by seamlessly converting these highly detailed models, regardless of whether they are realistic or stylized, into real-time characters.

Mobile scanning provides a convenient and cost-effective method for creating 3D models. However, unwieldy scanning conditions may result in compromised quality. By selecting the effective surfaces, Headshot AI can overcome these challenges by seamlessly filling in the missing areas, such as the ears, skull, and neck, ensuring high-quality results.

Bring In Stylized Characters

Accurate depiction of eye blinks and iconic expressions on stylized characters with exaggerated eye sockets and angular contour lines relies on precise alignment of mesh points and edges. Headshot's distinctive normal baking technology makes this achievable.

For stylized creatures with a bold design, achieving resemblance is made easier by adding additional alignment points to define exaggerated areas like the ears and neck. These specific details can also enhance the otherworldly characteristics of the creatures.

Headshot 2 Spotlight 3: Intrutive wrapping process in 5 steps

(1) Automatic Feature Detection
Get started quickly with three preconfigured options: 24, 32, or 35 alignment points. Alternatively, use auto detection to automatically populate the essential 24 alignment points. By synchronizing the camera navigation, you can easily compare the positions of the alignment points between the source and target meshes.

(2) Add Details with Extra Alignements Points
The system offers flexibility by allowing the addition of extra points to accommodate distinctive facial and body features. Whether it involves adding points for stretched elf-like ears or incorporating more points for a prominent hunched back, the system is fully compatible with any standout anatomy.

(3) Generate 3D Head Based on Effective Areas
With the advanced capabilities of Headshot AI, you can effortlessly generate a comprehensive 3D head from a partial mesh. Enjoy the flexibility to choose which details to preserve according to your preferences, whether you prioritize the face, include the ears, or encompass the entire head. Regardless of your choice, Headshot 2 guarantees exceptional results delivered with speed and efficiency.

(4) Refine Topology with 3D Brushes
Benefit from robust 3D brushes, which can efficiently project the head shape, smooth out topology, and optimize edge loops. This process not only enhances the likeness of the character but also enables improved performance with facial expressions, particularly in the areas of the eyes and mouth. >> View the CC Face Topology Guideline (Free Download)

MOVE : Shift Point Positions

SMOOTH : Refine the Model Surface

PROJECT : Maap onto the Source Mesh

CLONE : Align to Target Topology

(5) Assign Body Shape & Bake Textures
Effortlessly assign the suitable gender or body type to the generated head and ensure a seamless attachment with the corresponding neck shape. Achieve professional-grade results by utilizing image masking and a wide range of texture bake options. Refine the body type further using morph sliders at any point in the process for added customization.

Headshot 2 Spotlight 4: Challenging scenario can be resolved with efficiency 
Wrapping a sophisticated or creatively designed 3D head can present challenges and potentially yield unintended results. Headshot provides a multitude of options to effectively handle difficult cases, such as stylized eyes, ears, and even slightly parted lips. By employing specific techniques tailored to each situation, artists can confidently achieve their desired outcomes with precision.

The advanced body type options enable effortless retopology of the head, allowing for easy modifications using your own assets. The mesh wrap tools simplify the process of achieving a striking resemblance, even for stylized characters with unconventional neck shapes. Additionally, the body morph sliders offer precise control over the configuration of the character's physique.

Maintaining the hairstyle is crucial to achieve a faithful resemblance between the source and target models. By designating the entire head as the effective area and using the "No Mask" option, the original hair shape and textures is kept intact, while editing tools offer surplus ways to clean and refine the final geometry.

Headshot 2 Spotlight 5: Versatile texture baking options help retain high-poly detail 
Headshot 2 stands out from other model fitting solutions with versatile texture baking options. It is the only system that supports high-poly normal baking, vertex color to texture conversion, and UV remapping. Other exclusive features include image-based color projection and textureless rendering with stand-in eyes. The outcome is an astonishingly detailed CC3+ head at 4,000 quads, showcasing remarkable resemblance and geared for real-time performance.

No Mask
To ensure the integrity of bust models with desirable hair or coverings and without distorted textures, choose the "No Mask" option. Additionally, for the correction of minor texture artifacts that occur when blinking or opening the lips, apply eyelash and lip masks to achieve the right results.

Template Mask
When generating a 3D head from a partial mesh, texture tearing or stretching can occur due to degradation. Even with a flawless source mesh, accurately projecting eyelash and inner lip details can be challenging. Headshot 2 offers a convenient solution by providing predefined texture masks to quickly hide problematic areas, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing result without the need for image editing.

Custom Mask
Typically used in conjunction with custom painting of diffuse and normal maps, the “Custom Mask” option offers maximum flexibility for texture refinement. Designers can easily create and modify maps using an image editor, with the results automatically updated in Character Creator when the image is saved.

Low-resolution textures often result in deficient close-ups. With the dynamic skin editor, SkinGen, you can overcome this limitation by layering intricate details like pores, veins, freckles, sun tan, scars, and even apply makeup to enhance the realism of the eyes and lips. >> Realistic Human Skin. Makeup & SFX

Dynamic Wrinkle
Take realism to new heights by seamlessly incorporating dynamic wrinkles into the generated digital doubles. Witness the remarkable level of expression details that come to life in real-time when you apply face key, facial puppet, and tracking techniques.

Free Learning Resources 

Content Pack
Scan Reality Pro - Asset from TexturingXYZ showcasing the fully-rigged character quality made by Headshot 2.
Learn more: Headshot 2 - The AI Enhanced 3D Head Generator | Free Trial Download 
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