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Cyberpunk Immersive Sim Needs Team Members!

Posted By Exposure Games Last Year
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Exposure Games
Exposure Games
Posted Last Year
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If you make animations in iClone, Create Characters in CC3, Make Hair for Characters or Clothes for Characters, we could use you!
Neon Noir Nights is a Extremely Dense, Cyberpunk, Open World Action RPG with heavy emphasis on Story, Gameplay and Player Choice. We're looking for Team Members first and foremost, but if you want to join the discord just to follow the progress of this game, please feel free.
It's the year 2111. You're a Private Detective struggling against fate as you search for a missing woman in a world of political intrigue, mechanization and a sky that remains eternally curtained by artificial clouds, near constant rain and no sunlight. Megacorporations control everything. Technology has destroyed the world we live in, and the line between man and machine has blurred. You take one last job, unaware that your search for truth will take you from the seedy underbelly of a sprawling megacity, to the glittering heights of megacorporate corruption. Drawn into a vast conspiracy, your decisions and actions will shape the course of humanity.

We have a unique position in the marketing of this game as Uncut Games LLC strives to create mature games with zero censorship. We don't make porn games. We make games for adults. We don't hold your hand and we don't tell you what you should or shouldn't consume. Publishers have no problem letting you blow the eyeballs out of a hookers head but god forbid you see any humans in their birthday suits having a relationship. This is a game that is centered around gritty cyberpunk fiction and hardcore gameplay but if you happen to pursue a relationship successfully there is no fade to black. There is no cropping of body parts. We push the envelope where games like Fallout 4 and the Witcher 3 fell short.
This puts us in a unique niche in the gaming market. Adults Only games on Patreon are by far the biggest earners, bringing in anywhere from $20-90,000 a month. But none of these games are doing what we are. They're either Visual Novels, Games for Furries, Games with Zero Story, or Games with Terrible Gameplay. No one else is walking that thin line between mature and adult. We also have the luck of releasing a demo about the time everyone will be finishing up Cyberpunk 2077, thirsty for more content.

We are a Team of 25 people currently. Writers, Programmers, 2D Artists, Sound Designers and a Composer. We are still in need of 3D Artists, Programmers and Animators who are familiar with Unreal Engine (4.25).

We are all working on this in our free time. Some of us more than others. The plan is, as soon as we finish our demo, which is our current course, we're going to promote and do marketing with a marketing agent, trying to get our Patreon count up. We have 1 right now but haven't promoted yet. All team members, myself included will be paid via Patreon/Kickstarter/Steam once that starts up. Till then, we're working on it for passion. We have contracts which ensure that you will take a percentage of earnings until your full payment is made. You will also have to sign an NDA. This team consists of highly talented individuals from across the globe. All that we ask is that you give us all you can. We know working pro-bono isn't ideal, but a lot of people are out of work right now due to COVID and we're all working our hardest to ensure this game is succesful on Patreon so that everyone can be paid more than their services would normally be worth. We are using our Demo money to hire a Marketing and PR person first and foremost to help with that goal.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in or just want to learn more then by all means message me here in the comments, via DM or join our Discord and post a message in the Applicants Room. We are trying to build a unique studio from the ground up. We’d love to have you on board. And if you just want to follow the game, you can join our discord and just hang out with us.

James Deal
Game Designer at Uncut Games LLC

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