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CC3 - Unreal - iClone7+ and Animations

Posted By Atonnis 10 Months Ago
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Posted 10 Months Ago
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First just a quick 'hi' to everyone I know on here. I'm glad to be properly back in action again after some bad medical stuff.

I've now experimented with the new Unreal CC3 Plugin (which even as a beta, alpha, whatever, is already AwEsOmE!  Believe me it takes a lot for me to lower my standards to writing awesome in that way and you have pulled it off, so a massive round of applause.

Anyway - to the point.  Having seen that I can bring across all sorts of interesting Daz items, and then even taking them through into Unreal, I find myself wondering if there is already a pathway to do the same for Unreal to CC3 or iClone.

I have a lot (A LOT!!) of Unreal animations tied to the standard Mannequin(s) that I would love to somehow bring over to CC3 or iClone, have their animations work properly (HAIR IN PARTICULAR!  I CANNOT GET UNREAL HAIR TO ^"&£*!&!¬ WORK RIGHT!!) and then bring them back to Unreal with their animations still working correctly.

Would I be correct in still assuming that this is still in the province of the dark-side, using 3DXchange, or is there yet another new way you wonderful Reallusion creatiartists have come up with that may make things easier?  Unless someone there has a magic button that can get hair in Unreal to work properly then I find myself going to the best that I know, and that's you guys!  (OK, the sucking up is getting a bit much even for me - suffice to say that you changed my entire creation-development life when I found you and I couldn't be more grateful).

So, on the topic at hand, does anyone have any suggestions, advice, etc - please assume I've read the documentation, and been to a few really awful videos of people who can't stop sniffing all throughout their presentations on YT.  I am soon to gain a superlative amount of processing power just as a background workhorse behind my main workhorse, and I've fleshed out 90% of 2 full, interesting, games and a full script and designs for a TV series I want to work on so, so badly.  If I can just get certain little things, like hair, right without the difficulties I'm having I'll be eternally grateful.

All the best to you - Atonnis.

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