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Can It Be Done: Discount Content Based On Previously Purchased Content?

Posted By Lord Ashes Last Year
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Can It Be Done: Discount Content Based On Previously Purchased...

Lord Ashes
Lord Ashes
Posted Last Year
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I have created a line of budget clothing bases which I have been (and still am) selling moderately well on the RL Marketplace in my store. With the Morph Creator function in iC7, I have started to re-make some of the content in my Lord Ashes' Morph Clothing Line which adds some clothing morphs to the clothing to allow the cut or style to be somewhat altered just by applying morphs. In recognition that some of the content in my Morph Clothing Line is very similar to some of the non-morph clothing bases that I have already created and sold, I would like to offer customers who bough the original content a discount if they choose to buy the new morph cloth version of the content. Whereas customers who did not buy the original base, would need to pay the full price.

Is there a mechanism in the Reallusion Marketplace to do this? (i.e. Discount based on previously bought content)

Initially I had the idea of creating a project that was Derived Content from the original base and that would include the new morph clothing version of the base. However, I soon realised that this approach will not work because the Derived Content requirement will not prevent a customer, who does not have the necessary content from which Derived Content is made, from purchasing the Derived Content. They can still purchase it and it will just have the DMR logo on it until they do purchase it. As such, a user could buy my discounted content (which would have the DMR logo), edit the project, remove the old base (thus getting rid of the Derived Content requirement) and still have the new (morph cloth) version at the discounted price.

So, as I see it, there are two possible that I was able to come up with but both of them have their disadvantages:

1. Create some content which basically contains nothing but a box that says "your purchased content will arrive within 24 hours". I would then need to monitor my store purchases manually and when someone buys the upgrade package, I can (manually) verify if they have purchased the older version (i.e. to determine that they are eligible for the upgrade discount) and then gift them the new (morph cloth) version. As far as I can see this would work but customers might be hesitant to use this method because a) the don't get the content immediately, b) they need to trust me that I will in fact gift the content to them.

2. Create a pack with the new morph cloth content at the discount price. Hide the pack from my store and do not publish it to any Theme Stores. As far as I know, even though the content does not show up in the store, it is valid if someone links to it directly. Thus I could send out the link to the discount price only to users that have bought the old version of the base. This would also work but had the problem that a) if someone shares the link with people that have not purchased the original base, those people would be able to also get the content at the discount price, b) since the upgrade would not be going through a theme store my profit would be reduced (since transactions through theme stores typically earn more percent of the content price than selling from your store directly).

Any other suggestions on how I might be able to achieve this goal beyond the two suggestions above would be greatly appreciated. 

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