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Newbie iClone 6 Pro Installation Issues

Posted By jahkope 4 Years Ago
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Posted 4 Years Ago
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Hi everybody, I am new to both iClone and 3D animation and when I decided to buy iClone 6 I had a lot of problems with installation, I put in a support ticket and received a brief reply next day which made me none the wiser as it assumed I was more used to the world of graphics cards and video etc. than I actually am, I posted another ticket pointing this out and received a most excellent  in depth reply from Peter from support regarding installation of the software which put me in the picture more or less straight away, Clearly Peter had gone to a lot of trouble to do this and I thought it may be of some help to other newbies on here who may have had similar problems re. installation requirements (not seen this text anywhere else on the site personally but if it is it needs  highlighting and if it is not it needs adding for the benefit of people such as myself! What follows is the reply from customer support then my original question (Thanks Peter)

Dear Phil,

Thank you for contacting Reallusion Support.

Unfortunately in ticket number 104258 I think there was some confusion over the version of iClone you were using. To be clear iClone 6 requires a 64bit operating system. iClone 5 works with a 32bit operating system but not iClone 6.

Please first check that your new computer meets the system requirements shown on the page below.

If your system does meet the requirements, please try updating your graphics drivers and ensure you have the latest available. Please see the links below to check.

Important: If your computer has switchable graphics, please do ensure you are running iClone with the more powerful graphics card (Normally Nvidia or AMD). Do not choose the Intel graphics option. You can normally do this by right clicking the iClone 6 desktop icon and choosing "Run With Graphics Processor".

For more information on switchable graphics please check out the link below. This contains additional instructions on how to select the right graphics card option.

Please also run Windows Update to ensure your system is fully updated.

In Windows 7 you can do this by clicking Start > All Programs > Windows Update > Check For updates.

Do also separately install the platform update below if you are using Windows 7

If you still have problems, try switching to the DirectX 9 version of iClone 6.

In iClone 6 you can launch either the DirectX 11 version or the DirectX 9 version.

You can do this by going to Start > All Programs > iClone 6 and then select "iClone Graphics Mode Selection". Then select the DirectX 9 version and launch iClone 6.

For Character Creator you can do this by going to Start > All Programs > iClone Character Creator 1 and then select "iClone Character Creator Graphics Mode Selection". Then select the DirectX 9 version.

If after checking all of the above you still have problems, please can you send us your dxdiag.txt file so we can check your system for any obvious problems. Do also try to include a screenshot showing the error on screen.

a) Type "dxdiag" in the Search box and click "dxdiag.exe" from the search list.
b) It will then check your system for a while, after finishing, click "save all information"
c) Save "DxDiag.txt". and send this to us as an attachment.

Thank you.

Please contact us again if you have further questions.

Best Regards
Technical Support
Reallusion Inc.
10/25/2016 7:30:56 AM 

Hi in relation to my previous ticket 104258: Rather than downloading the 32 bit version of iClone I decided to get another PC and start again.

I got hold of a quad core one which is running 64bit windows 7 and directX 11 - I downloaded all the software again but now iClone 6 is telling me to change graphic card back to DX9.

Once I have I changed the card setting to DX9 the program runs OK but when I try to run my bonus software either Character Creator or Pop Video they are telling me to change the card to DX11 !!! 

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